Maid Demands $182 In Maintenance; Court Gives Her $25

A Mutare maid who was impregnated by a teenage boy two years ago has won only $25 of the $182 she was demanding.

Manica Post reports that Fletcher Goneso, 19 impregnated Priviledge Phiri 2 years ago but has been finding it hard to keep up with payments. He had offered to give her $15 but she was having none of it.

She argued that he was a director of his own company earning about $300 and that her child needed a slice of that action. Shockingly, the court has only given her $25 a month.

What $25 a month will do in as far as taking care of your own seed results in the beggary of the imagination. I mean, that is the equivalent of 8 imported beers in a bar in Harare. Or about two six-packs of the local stuff. How you expect that to maintain your child is a bit silly.

Some may argue about the court legislature that allows for a judgement of that sort. If that is the case then legislature should be put into place to deal with that. $25 is hardly the sort of money that should be declared as being enough to handle monthly expenses. If the legislation is outdated then fixing it is urgent.

We say if you were man enough to do it, especially without a condom, you have to be man enough to take care of it. You shouldn’t need a court to tell you how much you have to pay for your own child’s upkeep.

The law is an ass.

  • ben

    i’m sorry but im supportin the court and the kid. u ran an article that most boys have their first time with the maid. u gettin knocked up is messed up caused u dealing with an unexperienced…need i sy it… yes TEENAGER! a kid and truth be told if he makes 300 id let her have 50bucks if i was the judge..also speaking from the point of view of a maintence court vet i can honestly say u cant judge this one if uve never been in it.. 3-mob a bit pro-maid are we?

  • Procras108r85

    I support the court and the judge as well. I’m so sick of so many people thinking that, because a man may be well off, that the child NEEDS a larger sum for expenses. He/she doesn’t. And it is also called “child support” not “ex spouse/lover/one night stand support”. Which is what this is usually about….the majority of women who fight for these larger sums seem to think that they’re entitled to support themselves, with very little going to the child. That’s why I don’t think money should be required…diapers, food, clothing, etc. being sent should be enough.