Sexual frustration pushing some wives out the door

When a man has a few mistresses up his sleeves it is considered a badge of honor. When a woman has a lover-boy on the side (although sometimes the boy is actually quite grown) it is considered a shameful thing.

Now I am not going to talk about the wrongs and rights of all of that but about something else.

From my varied conversations with those who tend to dip their toes in what are traditionally forbidden ponds… Wait did I say dip their toes? I mean pretty much go skinny dipping and doing the double hoola and pirouetting on all manner of axis.

But I digress.

From my varied conversations with the before mentioned I have noticed something that might be pushing at least the females into the darkness. I only call it the darkness because of the insistence by one of our readers for me to condemn this behavior otherwise I really believe, to each his own. There are consequences to everything we do.

Again, a digression.

So in having these sordid conversations I realized that most women step out not because they are looking for love but they want adventure and real sex. The minute a man marries he suddenly doesn’t want to do those absolutely pagan things. His plan is for missionary for the next 84 years of marriage. She can’t suggest anything else because God forbid, she will be seen as a slut. He will ask what porn she has been watching or who she did it with.

Then she starts having sex with limitations so as not to look too clever. Something about men and not wanting to be as crazy as they want to be with their very significant half. I remember hearing a man say that he would never let his wife give him fellatio because those lips would kiss his kids. And yet she used to love doing those things before the baby came.

And if he finds out she has stepped out, I guess she will be the evil one.

Like a song says, gents, make sure you do it right or someone will do it for you.