What are your kids wearing?

Yesterday the boat took us to the St John’s Fair which is an annual fair where people attempt do things that people at fairs of that nature do.

There were loads of old people of people of different and sometimes odd natures. There was a truckload of what we would call kids. And a load of them were dressed up like kids would. Well not normal kids but certain pieces of clothing that, well give too much interest to the roving eye. And many roving eyes there were.

In some instances it was like watching Nelly’s Tip Drill video –  the censored one people – and it got me wondering why parents let their children leave home like that. It is all very well when she is much older and understand the implications of the sort of attention they would get. And don’t give me that silly argument about having the right to dress in a certain way. That mentality is like saying you have the right to leave your car unlocked in spite of there being loads of people who don’t fancy you keeping your belongings as… well… yours.

Then you overhear people whose moral persuasion saying, ako kakabatana, kanenge kasisiri kavirgin.(That one is hot. She doesn’t look like a virgin anymore.) These are grown men who could very well be fathers to these kids themselves but they are looking at the kids as fair game because of the way they are dressed. Yes these are sick men but why are you sending your kids out to be targets of these men. Worse still, one of your dodgy friends – or even you, the parent – have a roving eye. So you should be better placed to know what the leering lot like.

It gets worse. Just as the fair ended we saw two kids having sex in a car. It was tinted everywhere else but the front.

I am guessing their parents still think they are virgins!