Kenyan Man Who Faked Being A Police Chief For Five Years Is Charged

Joshua Waiganjo, who pretended to be a police assistant commissioner for a whole five years in Kenya has been charged.

He is said to have hired and fired police officers Rift Valley province during this time.

Yes, five years.

He denies charges of impersonating a police officer, possessing police uniforms illegally and robbery with violence.

How did he get caught? He boarded a police helicopter to go and investigate the massacre of cops.

Sure, the police will say Waiganjo was not paid a salary but this guy pretended to be a police chief for five years. Where was the actual assistant commissioner in all that time. Was there noone who asked a smart question, like err… dude, I know the real commissioner, so who are you?. Surely at some point the real commissioner would appear in the news or something but come on man.

This is a whole five years duping the people who are supposed to be on the pulse when it comes to crime.

Five years.

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