Kate Hoey’s Rhodesian Plane Motion Is Just Vile

UK Labour Party MP Kate Hoey has put together a motion to condemn the downing of a Rhodesian plane by liberation fighters in 1979.

In it she says:

That this House notes that 12 February 2013 will mark the 34th anniversary of the shooting down of Air Rhodesia Viscount Flight RH827 (the Umniati) by members of the Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA) in the former Rhodesia resulting in the death of all on board; further notes that this was the second such shooting down of civilian airliners by ZIPRA and followed the shooting down of Air Rhodesia Flight RH825 (the Hunyani) by the same means on 3 September 1978; further notes that the 107 victims comprised civilian men, women and children, some of whom survived the crash of the Hunyani and were subsequently murdered on the ground by bayoneting and shooting; further notes that the victims included citizens from Switzerland, Scotland, Belgium, New Zealand, the UK and South Africa; recalls that the failure to officially condemn these atrocities, as articulated in the sermon by the late Very Reverend John da Costa known as The Deafening Silence, was an act of moral cowardice and deplores such failure; and commends the work done by Keith Nell and his Viscount Down Team to ensure that these atrocities are not forgotten and their ongoing efforts to alleviate suffering amongst the pensioner community of Zimbabwe. This motion has been signed by a total of 6 MPs.

Now look, the Labour party has never gotten along with Zimbabwe, especially the ZANU-PF side but this is just low, base, vile, disgusting and a bit racist too.

How do you, in 2013, decide to wake up a ghost from the past just when Zimbabweans from all political divides are beginning to look at each other with a friendly eye? Why would you want to open old wounds?

Why was there condemnation then and why is there one now? Why Kate Hoey? Why?

No mention is made of the various atrocities that the blacks suffered at the hands of the whites but alas, one plane, during war is shot down and Hoey wants to make that an international incident and even have a day set aside to commemorate it. Oh of course the reason she is interested in this instance is because white people were killed. The 20,000 or so blacks who were butchered by the settlers were not human to her.

Of course if she gets that hen next move is to discredit the whole liberation struggle isn’t it?

Is she just looking for a reason for Zimbabwe and the UK to be at loggerheads? Obviously we are not going to smile at this are we?

This is just vile. It’s not even mischievous. It is plain vile. It’s like the Nazis asking for the condemnation from Jews who probably escaped custody and shot a Nazi.

  • legendbjaj

    I like the nazi analogy, i think its still a superiority complex with her! she thinks we as zimbabweans are concerned with them, i think the main issue for us to get our country back on course not poke fingers in old wounds,