Ivy Kombo Rebrands to Prophetess Ivy Kombo Kasi. WTF?

Moses parted seas and cursed people; With the blessing of the Big Hand from the sky of course.

Now in what is a weird turn of events, controversial church music singer has now rebranded and she calls herself Prophetess Ivy Kombo Kasi. Yes she is now a Prophetess.

At least that is how she has her name on Facebook.

Now I am not sure good ol’ Moses walked about calling himself Prophet Moses or Uncle Moses for that matter, but this woman has seen it that she is known by all as a prophet.

At the risk of having her have my whole body covered in boils or finding a bunch of frogs in my bedroom, I think it is her antics gone a bit too far.

In the end times there will come those who call themselves prophets… This will probably not have me tagged a god-botherer friendly person but what the heck. The truth is an ugly thing.

In a time when church is all about what you can get from the Big Guy I don’t think he would be to be pissed off with me for calling it. After all, if you can string two sentences and a convenient scripture together then you solid gold. You too can call yourself a prophet.

Any second now, someone is going to call themselves the Messiah

I’m just saying.

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