Harare City Council: What happened to zoning laws?

So the Harare City Council has often come for some serious criticism for what some might call questionable behaviour on the part of its lot.

Well let’s give them some credit for effort even though there are a bunch of their lot who are about as competent as a general hand at a MENSA convention.

So anyway the latest thing is the eyesore among a few is the public transport ranks that are pitching up all over the place and in some really unsafe places.

The latest is just opposite Holiday Inn on Samora Machel, right next to the service station. In an environment like that you are bound to get criminal elements which will result in risk to businesses in that area.

This is silly given that the designated rank is about three blocks down.

The thing I find a bit silly is that this new ‘rank’ is just one block from where it was. But the Zimbabwe National Water Authority set up store there and they have kicked the lot from there. The fact that they are down the road in an illegal zone doesnt bother the cops who are stationed in the place they have been removed from.

It’s like the cops are saying it is ok for you to rob someone, as long as you are not where they are standing.

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