What Could Have Happened To Those Panties?

So there was a story over the weekend where apparently, 26 women from Gokwe suddenly woke up and all their panties were missing.

The panties were found later in the Njelele village and this has sent panic around the area. A traditional leader has now called a meeting to map the way forward. 17 people have since identified their panties. Something strange about that. A line of women walking about to see if their dodgy stained inner garments are indeed the ones.

Now what we are curious about is what happened to the panties. Apparently this includes schoolgirl’s panties. All disappearing in one night.

Who could be up to something? Perhaps a pantie-sniffing juju-man is doing the rounds in the area. Now that he is done with them he will move to the next village to steal from those poor people.

Perhaps he has gone on to cast a  spell on the panties so that when the people get it back he has an advanced version of mubhobho. Now that you think about it, it does sound a bit sick.

Maybe he wanted to sell them but he couldn’t find a buyer?

It could be that… well, err… it may have been done as a dare.

You do know that stealing panties is pretty common among some men who have fetishes for some of these things. They do exist.

Some of them are reading this post.

So why do you think the panties were stolen?

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