H-Metro has gone too far. Where is the Censorship Board?

The infamous H-Metro has gone a bit too far in its bid to shock the Harare public.

A few months ago it had a picture of a hanged person and a close-up picture at that. I mean for any normal being, a dead person is disturbing.

Now they have  done the same thing again. Another dead hanged person and if that was not enough they have an image of a man’s penis.

I am like, really? Do we need to see that? For a publication that is as widely accessible as that, is this not irresponsible? Where is the Censorship Board on this?

When you watch the news and there will be disturbing images, there is a warning. When you are watching a film where there is nudity, you find another warning tag. And when you buy a CD with use of inappropriate language, you find another warning tag.

With H-Metro and its explicit content, there is no such thing.

Now I am not saying that the magazine should be taken of the street. I am simply saying that it has taken an morally irresponsible tone.

None of those images serve the public or even remotely entertaining. They are just shock value without a conscience. And are we that kind of society? Is there such a society?

Even the Americans in their debauchery would frown on this and the FCC would be on this like stink on shit.

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