Now Gold And Diamonds Rain At Makandiwa Service

So then Zimbabwean religious leader Emmanuel Makandiwa has got one-up on his friend Uebert Angel.

At Angel’s services, people receive ‘miracle money’. At Makandiwa’s services in amongst the usual healing of the sick and what-not, diamonds and gold rain from the sky.

Now this is just making us Zimbabweans look a bit ridiculous isn’t it? While everyone else mines their gold we just wait for it to fall out of the sky, provided we go to his church.

Should make Lil Wayne and them envious about the whole making it rain business shouldn’t it?

This by the way is supposed to have happened this weekend according to Newsday.

It is not that we are skeptical but just that we think that this kind of posturing is getting a bit desperate. It is like watching TV/radio stations fighting for ratings.

It’s got to stop at some point. Surely.

  • Hope


    • Chero n’anga hadzidaro

      • Mr_popular

        Zimbabwe is diversifying its business models, some are making it big in the religion sector, it has become a sector in Zimbabwe right?

  • It’s just like when that woman was making diesel “appear” from rocks back in 2008.

  • Ante Up! haa vachapezana gore rino! But I have mixed feelings at the followers, somedays I am angray at them, sometimes I feel sorry for them other days I just feel they deserve to be duped. And then there are the journos who I think are just down right lazy!

  • siya

    So simple, open your Bible. Makandiwa fulfills prophecy, not in what he speaks, but what he is. He is amongst many of the false prophets that were predicted to come. Predicted by TRUE PROPHESY. Like Judas, it is Makandiwa’s destiny to deceive. Ma cultish movements are not knew to this world. So is being a fraud. Humbava hwake hunozikanwa panevenyika.

    He isnt even a TRUE-FALSE-PROPHET because he does not use actual dark art or powers but simple tricks with people sprinkled in the crowd claiming to be recipients of his miracle money. There are those who perform real wonders but it is pure evil. Makandiwa is more of greed for money and power using unsophisticated methods to trick his gullible flock

  • guchu

    I gold racho ririkunaya nemacertificates aro coz tinovasunga

    • bands

      mr maguchu, how are you

  • ME

    u can fool ALL of the pple SOME of the time and u can fool SOME of the pple ALL the time BUT u cant fool ALL the pple ALL the time

  • andrew

    l went to this church service and l believe he is a true man of God. If you dont believe it go there and you will come back a believer! Dont judge man of God