Of Gay Men and Court Decisions

One takes it up the bum. The other gives it up the bum. They both have the same bodies and stuff but they decided that they wanted to live together forever. And where did they decide to do it? In Africa. And the Africa that is not South Africa.

Now the boaters here are of the opinion that anyone can do what they like as long as we’re not asked to accept it as normal or remotely related to what fair-minded people would call natural.

So then these two pillocks decide that they will take part in these nefarious activities. Fair enough,. Some people like ugly women. Some people like threesomes. Some like having sex with people’s wives. All wrong but as long as I don’t see them, wtf right?

No these two pillocks from Malawi decide to get engaged and then hold a party for it.

I am like WTF! TIA… This Is Africa. The rules are different. And you should know this. Seen them on television the other night on the news coming out of the police truck and well you’re looking like a bunch of idiots arent you.

Now there are those neo-liberals with free-spirited and nondescript thinking who will call Malawian law archaic and call Africans like Uganda who are calling for more stringent penalties for homosexuality.

Well I say every country has a right to decide its own destiny. Each society will decide what it can accept. And it is arrogant for anyone to get all worked up because they don’t like seeing people of the same sex behaving otherwise…
Cue… Outrage