Farting Law: Malawians must be bored

I am sure some of you have heard about the farting law that makes it illegal for anyone to pass gas from their rear end in public.

It all stems from an argument between two law chaps who can’t seem to agree on a pollution law and one of them whose mind is stuck somewhere in a pile of rubbish in Mgona Township says the law also make it illegal for the natural bodily function to take place in public areas.

OK noone likes having people fart around them but really, how do you even regulate that? How do you determine the culprit in such an environment? Say you have a bunch of people all piled into a ‘kombi’ (public transport) and then someone does the farting. How do you tell which one is the criminal in question? Stop everyone and smell their butts? And what if someone in amongst them simply has bad hygiene?

Escalate that and think, how do provide evidence in a case like that. Do you have some sort of device that collects the fart and presents it in court? Proof?

And further to that, what else are we going to ban. Shaking hands? Just in case when he went to fart in th toilet the area he was in was fouled and there was no water in the place and therefore he is not hygienic?

Oh while we are at it don’t breathe out through your mouth or talk unless you have brushed your teeth.

I think Malawians simply have no real problems to talk about or deal with if this is becoming an issue there.


  • RueJay

    Here here ! well said. Surely there are more productive things to do in Malawi!