Facebook: Being Silly May Haunt You

The comments and pictures that people put up on Facebook seem to get weirder by the day. Some people really go a long way to try to express themselves on their page to the point of being ridiculous.

The line between forming the right impression and plain idiotic it is a very thin one. So here’s simple advice-

Guys showing the middle finger should have been an expression that you left in high school. Now grow up and act in a way that a 33 year old father of two that you are should.

Girls, the booty-shot where you stand by the mirror and photograph your butt does not always look good for everyone nor is it for public consumption. Just because Kim Kardashian did it you don’t have do it too.

Try not to be silly-the classic silly picture is the photo-shop image, some even put their image next to a nice house or car, like what the heck! But I suppose wishful thinking is allowed.

Here are a few types of comments that make me laugh-

Comment on an old classmate’s photo-“oh Chenge/ Rumbi, /Tambu, you look just like when you were in high school!”…really? That chick is nowhere what she looked like in high school… (Like do you expect us to believe that? Don’t you see those love handles?)

Comment by girl on her picture- looking hot! (Like how did you arrive to that conclusion?)

Comment by boy on his picture – Mr Universe (Ok…. I suppose bloating your own ego is allowed)

Comment by boy on girl’s wall- hey girl you looking so sexy! (Dude we understand you just want to get laid but stop lying)

While comments and pictures may at times attract people or give a positive impression about a person, some times they do nothing but damage that image.

These days some employers, business people and prospective lovers  make it a habit to check a person’s Facebook profile before deciding to deal with them. Be careful of the kind of things you say or put on you wall. If you don’t worry about such things then it’s all good go kill them.

As much as a person is allowed to do what they like on Facebook, it must be remembered that once you put something online its there forever and everyone is free to judge and form opinions.

Some people dont know that when you delete your online accounts, your records and pictures are still there lurking somewhere on some file or database. When you are 60 or 70 years old they will still be there and if someone looked hard enough they would find them.

Don’t let silly online behaviour now haunt you in the future.

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