Facebook ‘Friend’ Threatens To Kill Zim Woman Who Refused Him Sex

A Zimbabwean woman is living in fear after a man whose advances she turned down on Facebook has threatened to kill her.

South Africa-based Priviledge Privie Dzomba had posted her number on the net because she wanted to get a copy of the disgusting video in which a woman has sex while her child is watching. Why she wanted to see it we are not sure but that is what happened. She posted this number in a woman’s forum called Makhox Women’s League on Facebook.

So someone then started whatsapping her Dzomba asking her if she got the video. All the while, during the discussion Dzomba thought she was talking to a woman and even told the person when she stayed.

It all went a bit pear-shaped when the man started making a move on her. When Dzomba turned down his advances on finding out it was a man she was talking to, the man threatened to kill her.

First and foremost one shouldn’t really be trying to get copies of material like that. Secondly one shouldn’t share their number in a public forum. Another issue, even it was a woman she was talking to, why give out details about where you leave so soon.

Suppose it is Africa where privacy is not a big issue yet… until someone tells you they are going to kill you.

With information from Bulawayo24