Econetmail hijacks ZOL colours

Econetmail is the new thing where you can mail people using your number and yeah well they have launched it.

So anyway we have always known Econet to be the blue and red company. And we have known ZOL to be the blue and orange company.

But I have just been looking at the econetmail site and I just noticed that they have blue and orange as their colours.

Just in case you think we are joshing have a look here and

From a branding perspective this is a departure from which has Econet’s distinct colours,

It is a bit disappointing and you wonder if this is a clear attempt to dilute a competitor’s brand.

  • Vincent Ndlovu

    It seems our network is finally catching up with international standards, this is surely a great feeling, keep it up Eco genious!

  • Meya weVanhu

    I hope you now know that ZOL has since been snapped up by Ecoweb (Econet). Sometimes a bit of investigation is necessary before we start pounding out fists of thought on someone else!