Dress Funny And Look Unattractive – MDC-T Senator

In a very strange move, an MDC-T Senator has encouraged women to dress shabbily, go bald and lose weight in order to curb the spread of HIV, The Sunday Mail.

MDC-T Senator for Chikomo, Morgan Femai, reckons the level of promiscuity is lower when women are slimmer, bald and dress in drag.

Not done, Femai then said that there should be a way for women to reduce the juices in their vaginas when aroused.

Those things of course should have the libbers up in arms. While the libbers are generally annoying especially here in Zimbabwe, we think that the good senator lives in a weird bubble. We think that this does nothing for the rights of women. To say women must be unattractive and then blame them for spreading HIV is being silly. What about the men’s responsibility in the whole equation?

To think that a man is less likely to have sex with a woman based on how she is dressed is a bit silly. Every man can testify to the fact they have had a thing with a woman who doesn’t fall into the conventional bracket of attractiveness. In fact we know of some who have a special preference for the lees-than-conventionally-attractive women.

Some of the people who get elected…

  • GTF

    Curbing the spread of HIV has nothing to do with how we women dress. Everyone just has to make a conscious decion to be responsible not only for themselves, but for evryone around them.

  • Can someone please tell the un-informed Senator that, everyone is the same without clothes and esp. in the dark – where the likes of him like to shag their hags…