Disgusting Video Of Little Kids Having Sex Doing The Rounds

We were sick and disgusted when someone told us of a video of two kids engaging in a sexual act today.

We find it deplorable that things of this nature are happening. That is the first thing. Then there is the fact that someone filmed kids doing this which makes us sick to our stomachs. To top it all off, it seems as if the video has gone viral. Why are people sending this to each other?

Where is our decency as a society? Have we sunk so low that we will find amusement from something so debased?  There is absolutely no way that this can be excused even if someone says they are sending it to show how disgusting the world is.

Somewhere out there, a debased idiot is finding entertainment in that video.

Sickening, we tell you.

  • Max

    I bet you’re actually a pedophile writing this covering up your own desires. NO SHIT.

  • lauryn

    I love that shit

  • Lasso

    the world has gone wild n mankind has developed heavy issues

  • Anthony

    Well, where’s the vid? I mean come on! You post an article about a video, you also post the actual video!!! Deush Bags!!!

  • kiara

    im so disucted

  • kiara

    tht is so fuking crazy like really stupid ass stuff and u love tht shit crazy im not calling you crazy dick pussy boobs fuck wet

  • foreignObserver

    Can we please be serious here. What exactly is a kid? 14? 16? 17? 5? Please offer more information to clarify the situation and determine what it is that took place, where and under what circumstances