Did Ghana just bar women from recruitment over stretch marks?

Ghana is known for loads of cool things and for the longest we thought democracy came with, you know, the whole liberal ideology around women’s rights and things.

Well Ghana’s Immigration Service (GIS) on a massive recruitment drive has barred women who bleach or have stretch marks from applying.

People with tattoos, dreadlocks and bow legs are also barred.

The reason, well, given by a GIS spokesperson to BBC is that women with stretch marks will bleed from the exercise. You wonder if the exercise is essentially digging your way to the centre of the earth to find out if Jules Verne was onto something.

With 84,000 applications received for 500 positions you wonder if this was a ploy to whittle down the applicants.

But to target women so specifically can’t be anything but sexist Ghana.

And by the way you had $11 to get a form to apply. Which means $924,000 was raised  from applications only for someone to say, “Well, you are a woman and we are going to find a way to make sure you remain, in the words of John Lennon, the nigger of the world”.

Oh Ghana.