Danish Website Runs Smallest Penis Contest

A Danish website has gone against the grain and offered an iPhone to the person with the smallest penis in that country.

Singlesex.dk (don’t go there if you are at work unless you really want that iPhone and have a really small penis) infamously held a competition for the most beautiful penis (how does one even have beautiful and penis in the same sentece?).

Mind you, the fact that we are writing about this means that Singlesex is getting what it wants. More hits, if for the curious or the well, not so endowed fellas.

Just so you know, according Men’s Health the smallest penis ever recorded was 0.39 inches (1 cm). Yes, just 1 cm.

Am sure people have questions but, yah, inoda vakuru nyaya iyi.

  • lurker133

    I suppose the i-phone is a pretty neat consolation prize for being known to have the puniest of peckers. I wonder if the record 1cm knob came with proportionate sized nuts? The things they never report 🙁