Daily News a Bit Disturbing

Yes, the government of Zimbabwe is not the most popular in the world, at least not half of it. Daily News obviously is not a fan.

However, when you have a newspaper that takes every opportunity to say anything bad about the government then it is sad. Their hatred for ZANU-PF even alienates some of the people that sympathise with the other side and makes them look nothing more than somebody’s personal opinion pasted over a public piece of paper.

I am personally annoyed by them because the reporting is not fair and balanced. There is no real journalism involved. Just a bunch of hacks, really.

They will argue that The Herald which is the government rag has nothing good to say about the MDC-T. However that then takes away the moral argument from the Daily News. They can’t claim to be fair and balanced given that their agenda is merely meant to counter The Herald’s position.

A bit sad really. Remember this, noone is 100% bad.