About The Coca Cola ‘Crazy For Good’ Political Fallout

So there has been a huge fallout over the latest Coca Cola promotion which they have called Crazy For Good.

Coca Cola Crazy For Good campaign has upset some ZANU-pf people

Coca Cola Crazy For Good campaign has upset some ZANU-pf people

The reason is that the promotion is centred around the red Coca-Cola brand and has open-palm symbols as part of its branding.

Now for those who do not know, red is the colour of Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T and it uses the open-palm symbol, especially in its war-cries.

ZANU-pf has now accused Coca Cola of delving into politics for the purposes of regime change. They say they are taking the matter very seriously and will be seeking an explanation from the company.


Now a quick Google search will show that the Crazy For Good campaign has been launched all over the world. Coca Cola is running Crazy for Good, a global integrated advertising campaign designed to encourage acts of kindness around the world.

Sure, the company has a dodgy past –  one word, apartheid –  but to think they would launch this noble initiative to have a go at ZANU-pf is a bit far-fetched.

Sure, ZANU-pf could say they do not want the campaign here, for whatever reason but to imply that Coca Cola put this together specifically to effect regime change takes a special brand of imagination.

File this under, silly.

You can read more on Crazy For Good here

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