Chivero Tragedy: Owner Walks Free On A Technicality

The owner of the boat which capsized at Lake Chivero killing 11 children on Christmas Day last year has been acquitted on a technicality.

While three employees of Latif Ameer’s company were jailed for five years each, the owner was allowed to walk free because one of the crew members changed his testimony.

Driver Enock Yolani Zulu said that Ameer had not directly asked him to drive the craft, instead claiming that the mechanic was the one who had done so.

Even the magistrate found Zulu’s retraction bizarre and questioned his mental state. The state has already said that it will appeal the acquittal and will seek stiffer sentencing.

As if that was not bad enough the defence lawyers blamed the parents of the perished children for the disaster, accusing them of negligence.

The last bit, we feel was really unnecessary.