Chitungwiza Woman Seeks Refuge From Talking Snake. Errr…

A woman from Zengeza 3, Chitungwiza sought help from a ‘prophet’ after she claimed a snake that had come all the way from Mhondoro, appeared at her doorstep and demanded money.

Yes, we are talking about a snake, that… well, err talks.

It gets more ridiculous. The ‘prophet’ then took the snake to the police station where it is currently being detained. The snake is in detention. Yes, the snake as pretty much been arrested.

The snake, a cobra,  apparently promised to disappear if it got $100 and a robe. The ‘prophet’ grabbed it, put it in a sack and went to the police with it, where it is now.

The police have not commented yet… What are they going to say though?

We have detained a suspect who is helping us with investigations. So far he has said… 

Oh come on H Metro. Don’t do this to us.

A talking snake. Yes, a talking snake. On the real though, what’s going on in Chitungwiza.

  • Dread

    Not surprising with all thats going on these days. Could even be a new debt collection service where the snake is sent to collect unpaid debts. Even if a snake could talk what did it want the $100 for?

  • Ngavangoiuraya vaone kuti hapana nyaya apa.