Chisora’s Behaviour Shameful

The fight between Zimbabwean born Dereck “Del-Boy” Chisora and WBC world heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko has left people talking about the way Chisora misbehaves rather than the way he fights.

Chisora was detained and later released by Munich police for a brawl he had with former champion David Haye at a post-fight conference.

Earlier, Chisora had slapped Klitschko before the fight, an offence that got him fined by boxing authorities. He also spat water at Wladimir, Vitali’s younger brother resulting in more criticism for the 28 year old.

It is understandable that boxing has some showmanship and a bit of mind games but it seems like Chisora now believes his own hype and taking it a bit too far.

For instance take this weekend’s incident; we bet our last dollar that his promoter Frank Warren wanted to create post-fight excitement for the next Chisora fight.

For that reason we think he also knew that David Haye would make an appearance at the conference to haggle Chisora because Haye was in Munich covering the fight on behalf of BoxNation a UK boxing channel. Now there are no prizes for guessing who owns BoxNation… Frank Warren.

People will do crazy things for wealth and fame and assuming that Chisora knows what he is doing and is trying to create some excitement in boxing, we think he could have done so with a little class.

His antics are beginning to make him look like a circus monkey that will jump and dance for a handful of peanuts. He has become an embarrassment to boxing. Sooner or later things will spiral out of control and he will end up where most boxers end…oblivion.

At least he is brandishing the British flag and not the Zimbabwean flag.

Watch Chisora and Haye brawl below-

If Video is not playing watch it here.


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