Chipanga Calls ‘Miracle Money’ Work Of The Devil. Is He Jealous?

Musician turned prophet Hosiah Chipanga has called the latest ‘miracle money’ craze the work of the deal.

Chipanga who started his Messiah Apostolic Prophetically Inspired People’s Institution (Mapipi) church said he was troubled by what he was seeing.

I witnessed it on TV and began to wonder where the world is heading to. If it is real that people are receiving cash in their bank accounts and pockets, that means the word of God written in the Holy Bible is being fulfilled that in the end the devil will deceive many and lead them astray. The devil can not deceive by going far away from the truth but the dividing line is thin where it is written money is the source of all evil.

While we think that the whole miracle money thing has about as much credibility as a fly sitting on poo in Guruve we think that Chipanga is only mad because he is not producing ‘miracle money’.  Or that he didn’t think of it first. Uebert Angel, a competing prophet beat him to it.

Rest assured, if he had thought of that first he would be going to town about it and claiming God was hooking him up.

Maybe when he gets space in Mutare then he will start performing miracles too. Wait, why does he need premises to do miracles?