Look East Policy Bearing Real Fruits

The Chinese have been good to the nation of Zimbabwe for a long time. They always come through for us during the most difficult parts of our history.

The Chinese were there for us during our war of liberation and even during the economic hardship that we are recovering from they stood right by our side.

But we think they are taking helping us a little bit too far. Last week the rumour mill was abuzz with a story that was carried by a local tabloid, of a Kuwadzana married woman who gave birth to a Chinese baby.It looks like the Chinese have come, they have seen and now they are taking.

Now without sounding like some ungrateful bastards for all the help we got from the Chinese, the fact of the matter is that the actions by our fellow Chinese brother was a spit in the face for all Zimbabwean men. Our manhood has been challenged in more ways than one.

Considering the fact that the Chinese have never been known for their prowess in bed nor are they known for being well endowed, what happened is a lesson to all Zimbabwe men to take good care of their manly duties when it comes to the Mrs.


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