Chiefs Demand 2,000 White Head Of Cattle From Econet

The two Chiefs who accuse mobile giant Econet Wireless of defiling a shrine while setting a base station have demanded 2,000 white head of cattle.

Chief Murinye and Chief Mugabe have made an urgent application to the High Court saying that the land was the sacred ground of the Duma people.

In a bizarre twist, the Chiefs have made the demands to Econet although we find it a bit strange. After all, it is not as if Econet just went about digging is it? Econet have a lease agreement for the space with the Masvingo Rural District Council. Which means, if the chiefs should be asking for cattle from anyone, then it should be from the district council who gave Econet the go-ahead.

It is a bit bizarre if you ask us. We understand the importance of sacred land but, 2,000 white head of cattle can come across as a bit tacky.

  • Tembo

    While i have utmost respect for our traditional leaders, this is a blatant display of greed…

  • Rayavo

    Greed as it may, we need to understand what transpired. Why was it that the Rural Board gave the green light without consulting the chiefs. Someone on the Rural Board has got a question to answer as there are consequencies that follow defiling a shrine.

    • Of course

    • Tembo

      While what you are saying makes sense, the issue of 2000 white cattle remains with us.

  • Simcoolus

    ..also racist… why not black cattle…?


    consult first econet dont just pay up