Now CCZ Says Most Bottled Water Is Unsafe

The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe has suddenly appeared from nowhere and warned us about bottled water.

It says most of the bottled water being sold is poor and over priced. It even says some of the water is just tapped water, bottled.

Its executive director Ms Rose­mary Siyachitema, who we did not know until this story came out, says that a study was undertaken which showed this shocking trend.

She says that CCZ is ‘concerned’ and ‘sincerely worried’ by the increase in the number of dodgy companies all selling water. Yes, she used that word concerned. Concerned means you are kind of upset about it but that is the end of it. For a consumer advocacy group to simply be concerned is worrying. The fact that that dodgy ones are not named by a group that is supposed to be radical leaves us sitting in the slough of despond.

Mind you, we do know that there are dodgy waters. We have water companies we do not buy from.

But then again, with the city council not providing water to much of its citizenry, people are going to get whatever water they can. When you think of it, maybe they are both competing for who produces more dangerous water.

As for CCZ, we wonder when we will hear from them again to express another ‘concerned’. The way they are so quiet you would think that the consumers in Zimbabwe were the happiest in the world.

  • taffy

    CCZ’s response was long overdue or maybe just a case of too little too late. The story of dodgy mineral water has been doing the rounds since last year I think and they have not done anything at all. It came to my attention that UZ did a quality test on the various mineral water brands on sale in Zim and they discovered that almost all the locally bottled water did not match the ingredients stated on the labels. In fact for one local company, the water had faecal matter in it! The South African brands did well in the study. The composition of the water matched what was on the labels. From then on, I resolved on parting with a bit more money for the imported water.

    I think if CCZ is serious about resolving this, they should work hand in hand with institutions like the UZ and SAZ in order to determine the quality of the products on the market and to do routine checks as well. I believe most of these companies are just printing labels and claiming standards that they are not even able to match. MaZimbabweans woye tiri kuchengetwa naMwari chaiye nekuti zvatiri kudyiswaka…