Of black stand-up comedians and racism

I am not stand-up comedy’s biggest champion in spite of the fact that you could give me a mic and I could make a few people laugh for a minute. In fact that has happened before and well, it was, err, funny for some parts and not so much some times.

Now I am not about to go on about how I may or may not be skilled at the art but it irks me sometimes when I do come across the odd black comedian who seems to have no qualms with saying things that if said by a white man about black people would have the race card pulled out quicker than a red card from Howard Webb or Mike Dean at Old Trafford.

It does disturb me when I watch it happen and all in the name of fun. I am like if we are happy to give it why aren’t we so keen on taking it? Have we evolved into a new form of degenerate racism masked by the struggle?

I can understand when we attack instances where the social commentary has a purpose but then a mass-generalisation just turns us into degenerate human beings.

Now I am not calling for an overly sensitive setup. No because political correctness has diluted honesty. But at the same time being fair is a good call.

It is a thought. It is either white people can make fun of black people without being booked or black people stop doing so and expecting not to be booked.