Battling to Be Successful on My Own Terms

Sometimes i feel like a woman.

Yes I do.

Fact is centuries of slavery, colonisation and oppression has left me in a peculiar space. My success is not defined by my desires and my dreams. It is defined by a race. I can’t decide to be something humble.  I have to want to be president, an astronaut, a nuclear physicist or the owner of the next dotcom phenomenon.

The pressure sometimes is crazy.

How do I feel like a woman? Because if I want something less grandiose, then I am seen as lacking ambition. They tell me that I me I am betraying the sacrifices made by our ancestors to get us this far. They died for you to want more. Yeah well, thanks for that but, well what am I going to do?

I could swim against the current and become a lumberjack walking into the woods with an axe but I am told my brain is too good for that. I should be, a leader. I want to fight all that but it’s not going to happen is it?

Every time society looks at you they ignore you because you are not, successful.

So what do we end up doing? We cower under the pressure and spend life flirting with depression and feeling incomplete.

All because we are told to want more.

  • faithkats

    Well, at least you know what is means to be a woman lol! We go through, a constant state of wanting to be someone, not just anyone. Some who people will marvel at and say look what SHE did. look what SHE has accomplished. someone who makes a difference! After all as you said our ancestors died for us so that we could want more.

    So why not be the next world leader, you have it in you.

    Dare to dream BIG!

    • The point is.. just because i have it in me to be the next world leader, it doesnt mean I want to be. By being the next world leader I am not doing it because that is what I dream of becoming but because that is what everyone else wants me to be.

      At what point does personal happiness become a factor in this equation.