Why making your bed should be first on your to-do list every morning

It is one of those things that may have become mechanical, essentially the act you have always performed ritualistically since you were a little boy kicking a ball about on the dusty streets of Sakubva.

PIC: goodhoisekeeping.com

But there is more to making the bed every single morning than you may think.

As a first act it does something incredible especially if you are working at becoming more productive in your life.

If you make your bed first thing in the morning, you accomplish your first task of the day. You get a small sense of accomplishment and pride.

After that you are pushed to accomplish the next small tasks which include washing, getting dressed, making breakfast and creating a to-do list.

This builds onto bigger tasks after reinforcing in you that small tasks matter.

Work from home and perhaps in a bachelor’s pad? Well even with that, visual tidiness helps organise your thoughts and your life in general.

Your day might not turn out to be great but making your bed empowers you and is the first step towards focusing on one thing. Control what you can control.

You can’t control the world but you can make your bed.

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