Website Gives Sex Tips For African Women

So we were trawling the Internet the other day and by some chance we came across an interesting website that offers sex advice for women.

EOS Cameroun / Foter / CC BY-SA

Run by the Shebeen Group it is called Chinamwari and offers advice that may be reserved in some instances for kitchen tea parties. Mind you from what we hear from those infamous parties it can get really wild.

It has content goes as far back as 2014 but is not perhaps updated as often as some people would want it to be.

Contributors are Adina Shebeen, Rudo Muti, Miranda Moyo and ‘to a certain extent Sugar D?k Dupree. The latter also owns the site and we suppose the group.

The content does get quite explicit so if you are likely to get a bit squeamish you might want to give this one a big miss.

The about page does say that the site serves to offer advice particularly for Zimbabwean women but we suppose anyone can learn right?

We can see men sneaking this website into their wives, girlfriends’ and small houses’ WhatsApps.

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    Where is the link?