THREE things you need to do today to avoid the New Year’s hangover

Whether living in the lap of luxury or your favourite distiller is Nebuchadnezzar from Murambinda growth point, you know New Year’s Eve today is about the tipple.

And well, we have not gotten in touch with Alcosynth (the alcohol that comes with no hangover, read about it by clicking here) so chances are that we will have dry mouths, headaches, sensitivity to light and sound the next morning.

Except you can do these three things to avoid the hangover:

  1. Don’t drink: Not exactly mindblowing but just don’t drink. Find other ways to have fun although hitting on your friend’s girlfriend can’t be classified as such and could result in a much more hectic headache, among others.
  2. Con your friends into thinking you are drinking: Apple juice looks like a cider to the untrained eye and let’s face it, around 1am no eye is trained except yours. Also there are virgin cocktails if you know the right place to do so.
  3. Add water to the mix:  So you know the whole bender thing, where it is scud after scud or in your Southern bourgeois ST George’s accent ‘dorp after dorp’. Add water, the aforementioned juice. No not energy drinks because they have caffeine and that won’t help.

Share some of you no hangover tips below. You might save a moment. Meanwhile share this link and save a mober.

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