This pregnancy superstition about the sex of your baby could actually be true

An old tale says to have a baby girl you need to stay away from bananas before conception..

Sounds like old wives’ tales but it turns out it is true.

It’s not just that women carrying boys will eat more; eating more in the lead-up to pregnancy may also make it more likely that the baby is a boy.

In 2008, a study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society Basked 740 women who were pregnant for the first time to describe their diets over the year before they conceived, then divided them into three groups based on calorie intake.

The women in the top third of the study, calorie-wise, had boys 56 percent of the time; among the third that consumed the fewest calories, 55 percent had girls.

The study authors found that sheer calorie intake wasn’t the only thing that made a difference; specific nutrients did, too.

Eating plenty of potassium (which bananas are chock-full of) was linked to boys, as were diets high in calcium and sodium.

Though as the Guardian noted, overhauling your diet to influence the sex of a future kid can be a risky move, health-wise, spurring people to overload on some nutrients and to ignore others — a safer idea may be to focus on eating healthily in general, and leaving the rest up to chance.

With information from CNN/Citizen TV