This is what happens when you are drunk and stoned at the same time

In parts of the world and pretty much everywhere, it is phuza Thursday and with it being the silly season, it is phuza phuza really.

AsapSCIENCE just did an incredible dose of awesomeness of a video on the effects on your body if you have had a bit too much to drink and are high on marijuana at the same time. Of course, by the way, noone smokes marijuana in Zimbabwe right?

That is what we would tell our moms, the cops and the preacher. Unless our mom, the cop and the preacher are our smoking buddies.

We digress.

The science has complicated names but really simple. Alcohol makes you chill, slower, see less, remember less and perceive less. As for weed, it magnifies your imagination and thoughts.

So what happens when the two meet. Some interesting results, such as how weed can actually protect your liver and some dangerous. Especially check out the part on throwing up.

Watch the video below: