Teens who use e-cigarettes 2.5 times as likely to move to the real thing

Well just as they convinced all, sundry and their cousin’s test tube chicken that vaping was the truth, a new study flies in the face of that.

Photo by noridah yazid from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/close-up-of-human-hand-335221/

10,000 teens between the age of 12-17 who had never smoked, used e-cigarettes.

They found that within a month of using e-liquids which contain nicotine the young people had developed addictions.

Study author and University of California, San Francisco dentistry professor Dr Benjamin Chaffee said:

We estimated that ‘ever use’ of e-cigarettes was associated with 2.53 times greater odds of subsequent cigarette use.┬ámong youths who had never smoked a cigarette at baseline, adjusted odds of any cigarette use initiation were approximately double for ever users of e-cigarettes, hookah, non-cigarette combustible tobacco and smokeless tobacco compared with never users.

One of the key reasons is that teens may find regular cigarettes more convenient, accessible and affordable than e-cigs.

So while use of the e-cigs can help people quit ciggies it appears that when kids do it, they become smokers.

Who knew?

With information from Daily Mirror (UK)

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