Tall men at bigger risk of aggressive prostate cancer – study

A new study says tall men are at higher risk of contracting aggressive prostate cancer and eventually dying from it.

Every 10cm in height increases the risk by 21%, a British study has revealed. the risk of death is 17%. And obesity makes it even worse.

Lead researcher, Dr Aurora Pérez-Cornago from Oxford University:

The finding of high risk in taller men may provide insights into the mechanisms underlying prostate cancer development – for example, related to early nutrition and growth.

We also found that a healthy body weight is associated with a reduced risk of high-grade prostate cancer and death from prostate cancer years later.

The increased risk isn’t with prostate cancer in general but with the most aggressive form.

A report compiled by the Zimbabwe National Cancer Registry (ZNCR) showing the latest 2012 statistics for prostate cancer incidences and mortality reported the continued dominance of prostate cancer as the most frequently occurring cancer in Zimbabwean men with the incidence rate having increased by 3 percent from 15, 4 percent in 2011 to 18, 1 percent.

The mortality rate from the latest reports was at 9 percent.

And according to a Ministry of Health and Child Care National Cancer Prevention and Control Strategy for Zimbabwe 2014-2018 report, currently, over 5 000 new cancer cases are diagnosed in Zimbabwe annually.

 The study was published in BMC Medicine on Thursday