Social media should come with a health warning – expert

A Swansea University professor Phil Reed says social media should come with alcohol and gambling-type warnings about overuse

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This comes in the wake of research that showed the adverse effect of social media on users’ psychological physiologicial makeup.

Researchers have found a significant increase in heart rate for people who use the Internet excessively when they go offline.

It is the same kind of reaction that is seen in drug addicts during withdrawal.

Researchers in Milan studied about 144 participants, aged between 18 and 33 years.

Heart rate was measured before and after brief use was measured. Increases in physiological arousal for those with high and often problematic Internet dependency was revealed.

There was an increase of between 3 and 4 percent heart rate and blood pressure, sometimes even double that. While not life-threatening this increase can affect the immune system.

No such change was picked in people who had no Internet dependency.

The study was published in the PLOS ONE journal.

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