So… eating hot chilli peppers will make you live longer

Consuming red hot chilli peppers (the food, not the band) can make you live longer a new study has found.

[red hot chilli peppers]

The study by the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont saw a “13 percent reduction in total mortality”. In essence you are 13% less likely to die.

While there is little information on why the sample of 16.000 Americans who were followed up after 13 year showed a significant difference between those who took chilli peppers and those who didn’t. The big changes were seen in deaths linked to strokes and blood pressure. Some have been linked to a component which reduces obesity. The nutrients in hot red chili peppers such as B-vitamins, vitamin C and pro-A vitamin could also partly account for its protective effect.

So now you can dig into your chillis, because they make you live longer.


The results can be found published online in the journal PLoS ONE.

With information from Canada Journal