Smoking while pregnant may hurt chances of having grandkids – study

We have no idea how they came up with this study.

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Women who smoke while pregnant could end up giving birth to boys with slow sperm count, an Australian study has revealed.

Dr. Christine Wohlfahrt-Veje, a researcher at the University of Copenhagen who wasn’t involved in the study:

If women want to have grandchildren, they shouldn’t smoke

For this study, researchers contacted men in their 20s who had been involved in an infant and maternal study two decades earlier.

365 sperm samples and 404 testicular ultrasounds were conducted.

Researchers looked at median sperm production, or the amount produced by at least half the men in the study. It was about 19 percent lower among the men whose mothers smoked during pregnancy.

Men born prematurely, a risk that goes up when women smoke during pregnancy, also had lower testosterone in adulthood.

Low testosterone levels are associated with erectile dysfunction, reduced sex drive and decreased sperm count.

Men who were a healthy size in utero were also less likely to have low sperm counts than men who were unusually small or large as they developed during pregnancy, the study found. Smoking can stunt growth in utero.

Maintaining a healthy weight during childhood may also help with reproductive health, researchers note in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, online June 24.

Smoking in general should avoided but particularly so for women who plan to conceive. Beyond the chances of the lower sperm count women who smoke while pregnant increase risk of miscarriage, might have their placenta too early separated causing bleeding, may cause sudden infant death syndrome among other things.

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