Single People Are As Happy Alone As In A Relationship

So the common cause is that single people are miserable unhappy creatures who need all sorts of hugs and interventions.

ohdakuwaqa / Foter / CC BY

In effect we can say for a fact many men and women will testify to the fact that after a certain age pall sorts of relatives start asking questions at family reunions, if not questions then giving you the eye. After all, the expectation is you must be married. And if you are not married something is wrong. And if somethings is wrong then you are unhappy.

Now Yuthika Girme of the University of Auckland says people who try as much as possible to avoid conflict in relationships tended to be happy whether they were in one or not.

Being single meant one had less anxiety about being in a relationship.

However avoiding a relationship was even more dangerous because it made you worse apparently. That caused lower life satisfaction and that sort of thing.

Other advantages are that single people tended to keep a lot healthier, not settle for less than they felt they deserved, had better friends and tended to rely less on one person for happiness.

A bit dicey isn’t it? Like what do you do? It is healthier to be single but it is also dangerous to avoid being in a relationship.

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