Zim Sex Workers Registered

12,383 commercial sex workers have been registered  by the Centre for Sexual Health, HIV and Aids Research (CeSHHAR) since 2009, The Herald reports.

Some of the eye-popping stats were:

  • The age of the sex workers ranged between 12 and 60.
  • Sex workers averaged about 10 men per day on a good day.
  • For a higher fee they offered unprotected sex.
  • There are 27 sites across the country for this registration.

The registration gives them access to testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

As it stands our legislation pretends as if there is the odd girl standing on the street corner selling goods but it’s refreshing that our  health systems are steeped in reality.

12,383 sex workers registeredcamera_rwanda / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA

Imagine if we kept pretending as if there were no prostitutes, especially given the fact that almost all of them have to do it under cover, we wouldn’t be dealing with their real health issues.

This news comes as the National Aids Council revised the HIV infection rate up to 15% and condom usage going past 100 million per year.