Scientists may have found the reason for severe PMS

Premenstrual stress syndrome (PMS) is not great.

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But the severe or aggressive form (premenstrual dysphoric disorder, or PMDD) can result in depression, anger, and anxiety affecting regular life.  Found in 2 to 5% of women, ithas been found to be caused by an abnormal gene expression.

This was discovered when they took samples from 48 women half of whom had PMDD. And what they discovered was pretty interesting. A sizeable group of genes of the ESC/E(Z) complex were acting a lot more in women with PMDD. ESC/E(Z) tells bodies how to respond to changes in the internal and external environment. So in essence it is an overreaction.

Co-author and neurogeneticist David Goldman in calling it a big moment for women:

It establishes that women with PMDD have an intrinsic difference in their molecular apparatus for response to sex hormones—not just emotional behaviors they should be able to voluntarily control.

In essence, don’t blame them.

With information from Mental Floss