Pizza can help you lose weight – study

A nice deep pan pizza with pepperoni toppings can help you lose weight…

PIC: Pizza by Steve Snodgrass

PIC: Pizza by Steve Snodgrass

But here is the thing.

It works if you use it as a reward after 6 days of watching calories strictly.

2 groups were put on a diet and one of them had  a day off.

Those who were given a day off, with no binging allowed felt motivated to carry on with their  diet. Those who did not stray  got grumpier and likely to abandon the diet.

All this is according to a study by Rita Coelho do Vale a professor at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, according to Men’s Health:

The key is to plan ahead and designate a specific day for your rule-breaking. That’s because giving in to a spur-of-the-moment donut can make you feel like you blew your diet—and might as well abandon it completely.

Good news then?