Oral sex linked to global spread of untreatable Gonorrhea

The World Health Organisation has warned of  super gonorrhea that is untreatable. Yes UNTREATABLE.

PIC: healthfacts

Three people –  in Spain, France and Japana – have already confirmed to have contracted it.

Usually easily treatable using antibiotics, these have become useless mostly due to overuse. So like, if you just use an antibiotic to treat a sore throat therefore creating a resistance.

Researchers examined data from patients with gonorrhea in 77 countries showing drug-resistant gonorrhea is getting harder, and sometimes impossible, to treat.

And because condoms can protect from infection, oral sex is said to be fueling the global spread of the super strain.

Gonorrhea can infect the throat, genitals and rectum, but according to Wi, scientists are particularly concerned about the throat.

WHO medical officer Teodora Wi  told BBC that introducing gonorrhea bacteria into the throat through oral sex can lead to what’s referred to as super-gonorrhea, a drug-resistant strain that is often untreatable.

78 million people infected every single year by gonorrhea. It disproportionately affects women.