New custom-fit condom now available for men who are ‘too big’

Condoms generally have fit only 12% of men with most common fitting complaints being that the condoms are too: long, short, wide (loose), or tight.

A Boston-based company, ONE Condoms has begun selling custom-fit condoms in 60 sizes, in combinations of 10 lengths and nine circumferences. It says new sizes will be comfortable for 9 out of 10 men.

This was made possible after in 2015, the United States’s Food and Drug Administration moved away from having condoms at standard 17cm when the average person’s length was 2.5cm shorter. The new classification allowed for production of condoms in custom sizes.

Davin Wedel, president of ONE Condoms said in a press release:

After years of dedication and hard work, we are thrilled to announce a condom that will finally address complaints about fit. You might be able to squeeze your large hands into a size-small glove, but that doesn’t mean it will be comfortable to wear. We want the world to know you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for safety when it comes to condoms.

Comfort being the reason why some do not use condoms this is a move that might mean more men are likely to use condoms. This has the potential to change the perception of condoms among men.

Well it shows that when it comes to condoms, size does matter.

This has been launched in the United States although it is unclear when we will have it on these shores. Whatever happens, stays safe.

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