Most Dangerous Sex Position Revealed – Study

Someone out there sat in a room and decided that they were going to take part in a study to find the most dangerous sex position the history of the world.

The tandem position
OK maybe not like these creatures but there is a dangerous position for humansMax xx / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Well maybe not in the history of the world but currently.

Well they came up with an answer and it will upset some women and possibly men who enjoy out.

The cowgirl is the most dangerous position.

OK so scratching your head? We know some of you may be all adventurous but positions are not labeled.

Cowgirl is when the woman is on top. it is responsible for 50% of all penile fractures in the bedroom.

It gets worse, doggy-style’ where the woman is on all fours is close behind with 29% of injuries.

This was from data collected over 13 years.

Anyway why the cowgirl? When the woman is on top she has complete control of the movement so when something happens the man can’t really interrupt.

The data was collected from Campinas, in Brazil using hospital records.

But on the real, did they just sit down and say, hey, what is the most dangerous?

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