Men Could Still Be Charged With Rape Even If The Woman Agrees

A UK judge has ruled that men could still be charged with rape even if the sex was consensual.

The facts of a case at the centre of this decision involve a nurse who challenged the prosecutors’ decision not to charge a man she had consensual sex with. She gave the condition of sex, that he not ejaculate inside her. She says when he was doing the deed, he then without warning said he was “coming inside her” and added “I’ll do what I want”, according to BBC Online. He proceeded to do so and she became pregnant.

She wanted him slapped with rape and sexual assault charges.

Prosecutors had argued that they could not prove that the man had not acted spontaneously and that the demand was not made at the point of ejaculation.

According to the definition of rape, because what was done to her did not fall within the confines of her consent, she was raped.

Sex just got complicated. Mind you, when you really think of it, that could half of the fellas in Zimbabwe locked up. She really didn’t want that act, guy, but pretty much was not given a choice.

Think about it.

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