First Man Cured Of HIV Meets With Scientists To Recreate Cure

The first man to ever be cured of HIV met scientists in Seattle this past week as they look at beginning work to get rid of HIV once and for all.

A cure for HIV could be found soon. 1 in 7 Zimbabweans is affected
A cure for HIV could be found soon. 1 in 7 Zimbabweans is affectedZoriah / / CC BY-NC

Timothy Ray Brown, popularly known as ‘The Berlin Patient’, was diagnosed as HIV positive in 1995 but made headlines in 2007 after he was cleared of the condition and is now sterile from it.

While living in Berlin he was diagnosed with Leukemia and then underwent therapy.

A stem cell transplant was then needed to rid him of his cancer and his donor was one with  the mutated gene resistant to HIV.

Doctors are now working to see if there is a way to take the patient’s own marrow cells and make them resistant to HIV.

Since his cure, he has beep prodded by different scientists as they engage in the race against time to find a cure. Roughly 1 in 7 people are affected by HIV in Zimbabwe.

There is hope. The question now is more when than if. The geeks are optimistic.

In Zimbabwe a Matobo traditional healer recently claimed to have cured three patients of HIV. Wonder if the geeks would be keen on meeting the three too.

With information from Komo News

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