LISTEN: Zimbabweans’ IQ is lower than the African average – expert

Start-Up Capital Breakfast Show on Capitalk 100.4 FM host Talent Chademana interviews Memory Nguwi, an HR practitioner and Consultant on his claims that Zimbabwea’s IQ is lower than the African average.

Talent Chademana PIC: Capitalk FM

Mugwi gives fact based scientific analysis of human capital, the bandied expressions such as:

  • Zimbabweans excel wherever they go
  • Zimbabweans feeling exceptional because of survived hyper-inflation

He also talks about what percentage IQ, personality, qualification contribute to success. You will be shocked by the stats there and also how low the average IQ of a Zimbabwean is.

Also in this riveting discussion is the education and employment strategy or lack there of it is affecting Zimbabwe’s development goals. Also attractiveness of Zimbabwe as a choice of place for employment for talented foreigners.

Listen to the full interview below: